Find out about the financial benefits over and above your salary package, the amazing lifestyle, the travel, the sport and leisure opportunities, and the rewarding work.

An amazing lifestyle and rewarding work is just the beginning

Make friends for life

Shared experiences are great for bonding; and in the Air Force your life will be full of them. Friendships you forge in training could last a lifetime; and with all the travel available you'll soon have mates across Australia and even overseas.

Be paid to stay fit

On base you'll find gyms, courts and pools, along with teams you can join covering every code from netball to rugby. Many other activities are available through Air Force clubs too, such as sailing, diving, fishing, water skiing and gliding.

One of the main reasons for joining up was the job security and the chance to travel around Australia

Other Benefits

Please note, some of the benefits featured only apply to full-time service.