Pay & Allowances

Find out about Air Force salaries, allowances and bonuses, pay increases, and what you'll earn while training.

Earn a competitive salary plus more

In the Air Force you'll enjoy a competitive salary, generous Superannuation and a range of allowances.

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See how it all stacks up


Laura (aged 24) has completed her military and employment training and now works as an Air Combat Officer. She earns:



Tony (aged 24) has completed his military and employment training and now works as an Aircraft Technician. He earns:


Find out about our generous superannuation options by clicking here.

Get paid to learn

The Air Force is just about the only place you'll get paid to learn to fly. We pay everyone else as they train too, including support crew members, apprentices, engineers, technicians, administrators and medical personnel. The amount you receive will depend on what stage you're at and which scheme you are studying under. For example: